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Cancer Rehabilitation Program

What is Cancer Rehabilitation?
While many may think the cancer care process is complete when the cancer treatment is done, many patients may benefit greatly from cancer rehabilitation during and following cancer treatment and recovery.  Many patients are surprised at how great they can feel through our integrated, personalized Cancer Rehabilitation Program.

Cancer Rehabilitation is valuable for anyone with cancer and those recovering from cancer treatments  
Presence Saint Joseph Hospital's Cancer Rehabilitation Program uses an interdisciplinary team approach to personalize
 cancer rehabilitation treatment for the specific needs of each cancer patient with our Oncology Team working closely with the Cancer Rehabilitation Team.    

Rehabilitation can improve the quality of life for those with cancer and their families 
Cancer Rehabilitation is tailored to each individual depending on the physical, emotional and spirtual  impacts of cancer treatment (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy).  Medical conditions specific to cancer patients, such as swelling (Lymphedema), pain, joint stiffness, weakness, fatigue, skin problems, paralysis, balance problems and swallowing problems are some issues treated with Cancer Rehabilitation.  

Cancer Rehabilitation effectively treats patients when:   

  • Pain occurs from tissue changes due to surgery, scars or radiation
  • Surgery has altered function or radiation has limited soft tissue movement resulting in weakness or range of motion limitations
  • Fatigue results from chemotherapy
  • Cancer treatment increases the risk of injuries that may be prevented through therapy

A Cancer Rehabilitation Program designed with the patient's condition, needs and goals in mind may include:

Consultation with a Physician or Nurse Navigator: Cancer Rehabilitation begins with a physician referral.  Our therapists may consult with the referring physician to assure that the most individualized care is given and the optimal results achieved.

 Lymphedema Management:  Lymphedema can develop when lymph nodes have been removed or when treated with radiation.  Presence Saint Joseph Hospital's Cancer Rehabilitation Program has, on staff, Physical Therapists who have had extensive Lymphedema training with years of clinical experience to assist complex swelling problems that could be a result of cancer treatments.  For more information on Lymphedema go to the National Lymphedema Network

 Lymphedema Management care often includes:

 Learn more about the area's only specialized Lymphedema Therapy Program

  • Pre-operative assessment with post-operative follow-up
  • Risk reduction education
  • Travel tips for Lymphedema management
  • Proper compression garment selection
  • Cool tips for  hot days for Lymphedema management
  • Infection reduction

Please print out and complete the Lymphedema Patient History Form and bring to your first appointment.

Physical Therapy:  Physical Therapists work with people who have had a change or loss in their ability to function at home, work or socially after cancer.  

Occupational Therapy: Occupational Therapists assists patients to live independently as possible.  Cancer Rehabilitation treatments address activities of daily living (i.e. grooming, dressing, eating) and assists with tools/devices for home, work and community interactions for independent function that may be affected from any cancer diagnosis.

Speech Language Pathology: A Speech Language Pathologist focuses on communication, eating, swallowing and cognitive function.  Cancer Rehabilitation will assist with speech production, language needs, swallowing problems and cognitive retraining that occur with head and neck cancers

We're the only cancer center in the area to offer patients comprehensive cancer rehabilitation and a lymphedema therapy treatment program.  This program is led by nationally-recognized physical therapist Linda Roherty, PT, CLT-LANA.  Linda is a member of the:   

  • American Physical Therapy Association (APTA - 25 years)
  • Acute Care & Oncology Section of the APTA
  • National Lymphedema Network (NLN)
  • Call 847-695-5904 for more information or to speak with a caregiver.





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