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Information Revolution: CPACS

From the Summer 2007 issue of Dove Tales, the Provena Health employee magazine

Provena Saint Joseph Hospital recently implemented a new image archiving system that has revolutionized the way cardiac images are stored, viewed, and used.

By now, most of Provena Health has already implemented the original picture archiving and communications system (PACS).  Now PSJH is leading the way in launching the cardio picture archiving and communication system (CPACS). Just as PACS has done with imaging in general, CPACS allows physicians to view images at the click of a mouse, from almost anywhere. This is another exciting way that Provena Health demonstrates its commitment to providing the best technology and the best care to the communities it serves.

I n addition to the improved accessibility provided by CPACS, it offers a fast and easy way to compare results from more than one type of cardiac study, which may lead to a better diagnosis for patients, as well as studies done at different times to track changes in a patient's condition.

"Before we began using the CPACS system, being able to compare and contrast a patient's different cardiac studies was time consuming and tedious," says Barbara Holm, RN, manager of Cardiac Diagnostics for PSJH in Elgin. "Now, physicians can compare two different cardiac studies simply by choosing from a menu on their computer screen. It truly is revolutionary."

Standing Alone
to Fill a Community Need

Many people suffer from heart rhythm problems find relief through medication or other therapy.  When these aren't enough to get a patient's heart on track, the physician may recommend an electrophysiological treatment.  Using minimal invasion, electrophysiology allows your heart's rhythm to be monitored and corrected immediately.

Electrophysiology patients in the Elgin area don't have to look far for this potentially lifesaving service.  Provena Saint Joseph Hospital is now the only provider in the greater Elgin area to offer advanced electrophysiology services, helping patients get their heart back into rhythm with ease and minimal invasion.

Endless Benefits

This new technology means physicians will spend less time having patient charts pulled and more time diagnosing and treating patients.

"CPACS allows our physicians to read three or four different studies in the time it normally took them to evaluate a single study," says Barbara. "Physicians have more time to spend where they're needed most-with their patients and in their offices."

 As a community hospital, PSJH prides itself on offering compassionate and comfortable care for people in the area-but with the added benefit of state-of-the-art technology, such as the CPACS system.

"We're able to provide the same advanced technology to the community that is offered at university hospitals in big cities, but what makes us special is the way we deliver health care," says Barbara. "Essentially, we offer big city technology with that small town touch."

"I have been very impressed with Provena's dedication to the implementation of the CPACS system. There was a need in the community, and we've worked to fulfill that need so community members can be served with the best technology available."
-Barbara Holm, RN, manager of Cardiac Diagnostics for Provena Saint Joseph Hospital


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