Provena Covenant Medical Center
is now part of Presence Health
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What To Expect When You Visit Us

Our Triage Nurses
Upon arrival to the Emergency Department, a registered nurse will see you in our triage area. This is where we gather information to determine what types of medical services are needed. The triage nurse also helps make sure that those with most serious medical needs are treated first.

Beginning with our triage nurse, we will pay special attention to:

  • Managing your pain;
  • Keeping you and you loved ones informed;
  • Your privacy;
  • Your safety and security.

Keeping You Informed
We work to provide information related to your plan of care and any delays that may occur.   In general, you can expect the following test results to be ready for our medical staff to review in the amount of time listed.

  • Blood and/or urine tests - 75 minutes after blood or urine is collected;
  • X-rays - 45 minutes after the X-ray is completed;
  • Ultrasound - 90 minutes after the test is completed;
  • CT or other scan - 90 minutes after the test is completed.

If you have a question about what care is being provided, please ask us to explain.

Financial Assistance
Presence has always provided care to patients regardless of their ability to pay. If you need healthcare services but lack the means to pay, please ask about our patient financial assistance program, uninsured discount policy and other options that may be available to you. To learn more, visit our Financial Assistance Web Page.



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